It’s not all about us but our products

Where it all began?

It all began with an invitation to a wedding (cycling themed) and a struggle to find the perfect tie to stand out from the crowd. The very first tie was made in 2015. The feedback was very positive so we decided to share the beauty of these ties with awesome people and just like that Tie For You was born in 2015.

How it’s made?

Our Tie for You Collections finalisation are handmade to order, every piece is unique.
The custom vinyl designs are carefully pressed to a silk tie to shine together every time when you wear your awesome tie. 
We offer a gift box that is perfect for gifting and comes really handy when you need to store your tie in your wardrobe or your suitcase. 

Designed to suit every personality

with this in mind we are creating our products to be incomparable with others.
Our wide range of silk neckties include the most popular colours and designs following the latest trends.
You decide how your tie will look, choose from over 300 colour combinations and more.
Still can’t find what you are after? Send us a line if you can’t see the colour or the design you are looking for. From a single custom designed tie to a thousand pieces of corporate order we are here to help!

Stay out of the spotlight

but still wearing something unique? We have created our Black Edition collection for those who are after a discreet looking tie. Not a fan of black? Not a problem, browse our collections where you can choose from other subtle options eg. navy on navy, grey on grey etc.

That extra inch

While our main silk tie range are slim ties – 6cm (2.4in) blade, we offer more options at our black tie range – 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 8cm extra long. Don’t forget to contact us if you need a custom sized ties, we are here to help.

Keep an eye on our page and social media channels to see what popular designs will be available soon. We guarantee, if it is smart unique ties you are after, you won’t be disappointed!

After all, this is Tie for You !